Plaster Casting activity

While doing the plaster casting activity, I found it to be pretty enjoyable even though it didn’t come out that well. I went to sun set beach with a couple of buddies of mine and initially, when I walked out with my bucket full of equipment they were quite confused but then I told them after the project I had to do and they thought it was pretty interesting. I found it funny because my friends and I planned to go today a week ago, which was perfect because I needed to do the project. I asked my friends if they wanted to do it but they said no and would rather just help me out. Once I picked my spot near, I put my foot in the hole we previously dug up. After that, one of my friends got a bucket of wet sand and poured it around my foot. After making the plaster, one of my friends poured the plaster into the mold but he poured it a little too fast so that can explain why it turned it pretty funny. We ended up doing another sample to compare, while pouring the plaster a little bit slower and it ended up turning out a lot better. After that, my friends and I just enjoyed our day and just hung out. We played some football and soccer, while attempting to surf. All and all, it was a good experience to see how the mold turned out and how different the results can be, simply the speed in which one puts the plaster on the mold.


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