Classmate Conversation #2


For this weeks classmate conversation, I met Elyse Vega. When I first met her she seemed really outgoing and down to earth, so we were able to share a lot with each other about our different backgrounds. Elyse is a sophomore at CSULB and is a Kinesiology major. That being said, she applied to CSULB as a biology major, then switched to psychology and then business before sticking with Kinesiology. Elyse is very passionate about being a physical therapist and wants to open up her own clinic one day. For graduate school, she wants to get into Yorba Linda and stay close to home. Elyse also comes from a big family. She is the youngest of seven children, which includes three sisters and three brothers. Her father is from Puerto Rico and her extended family lives in Pennsylvania. She also shared with me that she had a dog for twelve years that previously passed away, which was pretty depressing. Elyse grew up in San Diego and her family currently lives there, so she dorms at CSULB. She is part of a sorority and she said she couldn’t be happier with the people she met. In high school, Elyse was ASB president and played multiple sports such as basketball, track, and volleyball. She admitted that she wanted to go to a university on one of the islands of Hawaii, but her parents did not want her to live on an island and be isolated. Elyse is also a sports fan and follow the University of Texas volleyball team and is a fan of the  Philadelphia 76ers and Philadelphia Eagles. In conclusion, I had a great time meeting Elyse and learning about her hobbies and family background.


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