Landscapes with a Corpse #Activity2- Michael Shenouda


Initially, when I heard about this project I wanted to do something creative. I first thought about the walking dead, my favorite TV show, and wanted to do something regarding getting eaten by zombies. Once I got to my car, I noticed I still had my clown mask I bought from Halloween and knew I was going to do something regarding getting killed by a clown. That idea came to my mind once I saw the mask and remembered how terrified people were of clowns a couple months back, since they were ambushing random individuals. After finding the clown mask, I had to find a weapon for the clown to kill me with. While looking, I found a club that I got from Kenya and decided to choose that. The scene is illustrating the clown attacking me after I opened the door to go to my car. The clown was waiting in the front and ambushed me. After that, he hit me in the head with his club, forcing me to drop my keys (which is shown next to me). After I tried to get up again, he hit me repeatedly in the head till I died and turned my body around to take a picture, like he usually does with the rest of his victims. How the idea came about is my friend in the picture, the clown, and I were going to another friends house. I told him about the project before we left and that I needed his help for a short scene. My little sister, who took the pictures, was laughing the whole time during the process which made it hard for me to keep a straight face. I found this experience very interesting and fun at the same time because it’s something different. The hardest part for me was deciding on the location of the scene but thought the front door made the most sense. All and all, I had a good time doing this project.



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