Artist Conversation #1- Kevin Lopez Week 3

Artist: Kevin Lopez
Exhibition: Scry Master
Media: Printmaking
Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Gatov Gallery West
Instagram: @klart760

During the first artist conversation, we had the pleasure of meeting Kevin Lopez. Mr. Lopez is a printmaking major and incorporates printmaking in most of his work. He said that his senior show is next spring but is doing the art gallery now to take advantage of the opportunity. Lopez also said that CSULB has one of the best printmaking programs in the west coast and also knew he wanted to come here. He expressed how he has always been interested in art but never grew up with the resources that he possesses now. What motivates him is being able to connect with his thoughts and being able to put those thoughts on paper for the world to see. He says that he loves looking at the environment around him and being able to interpret it in his own way. Lopez says that one of the best feelings as an artist is having people look at your work and giving feedback, even if it is negative. He also said that he is environmental friendly and his friends always tell him that he practices what he preaches. Most of Mr. Lopez art right now depicts crystals in it because that’s what his main focus is. A lot of his portraits incorporates his own life, such as the his dog or a few of his nephews. Some of the most influential people in his art career were Alex Grey and Thomas Sulley. Lopez says that in today’s society an artist main goal should be to speak to the world through their art and speak towards the direction they see the world going in. Consequently, just like athletes in sports take opportunities to speak out, so should artists. Even when Lopez is not making art, he is posting about other artistic pieces and his goals are to making people think and reflect. Lopez found out what he wanted to do by experimenting and found out that he loves taking what he sees around him and changing it depending on his perspective. Mr. Lopez came from a painting background and says that printmaking is harder because it is more precise and easier to mess up. In painting, you can mess up and recover but in printmaking it is more difficult. To my surprise, he expressed how he was not a good painter at first, but rather one of the worst in his high school class. He indicated that because the kids in the class would laugh at his art, it made him motivated to take more art classes and improve. Mr. Lopez told us that he is from San Diego and has two dogs back home. Some of the things he likes to do in his free time are collecting crystals and listen to music. His love for crystals came from his professor and told the story of how she went to Argentina and brought back a green crystal, which she gave him. He says that in his mind, every crystal has a new belief that comes with it and would research each crystal he got to see what unique characteristic it has. Mr. Lopez is also very spiritual so the crystals symbolize hope for him.

Format Analysis: Scry Master

Scry Master, the first picture on the left, is a portrait of one of Mr. Lopez’s nephews. Like previously stated, Kevin Lopez uses some of his own life in his art while keeping true to his main focus, crystals. The picture is a face of one of his nephews and has a crystal over it. It looks like he drew the face first and then put the crystal over it.The drawing of the boy’s head seems a little long, but that is maybe to keep it in line with the length of the crystal itself. The crystal itself is yellow and long enough that it fits the length of the boys head. Another interesting feature was that the colors were placed outside of the main focus point. On the top left there is a shade of pink, while in the bottom right there are a combination of colors such as green, blue, and pink.

Content Analysis: Scry Master

There are many colors incorporated and that could indicate the creativity of the child himself. The idea that Mr. Lopez is trying to explore is individuality.  One reason that Mr. Lopez drew his nephew in a crystal is because that each individual in unique, just like every crystal is unique. That being said, the colors he choose are all light which can show that the young boy brings a young and vibrant energy, while still being innocent. The image the artist might be trying to illustrate is that just his nephew brings happiness to his life, so do crystals.

My Experience:

While looking at Mr. Lopez’s art and reflecting, it brings to light some things. In the case for Mr. Lopez, he used crystals for most if not all of his work. Crystals are the focus point in the piece and he never shied away from his core. Not only that, but he used the characteristics of the crystal to bring light of other features in his everyday life, such as his family. In my opinion, it is important to keep your core goal in mind because it makes an individual remember what got them there.


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