Classmate Conversation #3- Michael Shenouda


For this week classmate conversation, I met Sergio Perez. Sergio is a fourth year but is graduating next year as a computer engineer. He said that he is not stressing about graduating and is taking an extra year because he is working as well. He is also working at diamond parking right now in downtown Long Beach. At first, I did not know what that was but then he explained how it’s a parking company in Long Beach and because downtown Long Beach is so crowded, there are many companies that have their own parking lots. He said he does not mind the job but it gets really busy during the weekends. He also said that he used to work at Carl’s Jr. but quit because he wanted to focus more on school. He also said it was annoying when a bunch of families would come and order the 4 for 4 deal, because he was the only cook. Some of Sergio’s hobbies are hiking and cycling as well as hanging out with his friends. He also said that he loves Cal State Long Beach and the people he met. We also talked about Kevin Lopez, one of the artists in the gallery, and thought his art was interesting.


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