Art Care Package (ACP) Activity #3, Week 4


For this weeks ACP, I decided to include a lot of stuff from my past. A couple of different things in the care package includes photos of when I traveled with my family, tickets to games or movies, and pictures of me when I was younger. One of the pictures is of the famous site in Brazil, Christ the Redeemer, which I was privileged enough to go with my family. The picture right next to it is of the Eiffel tower in Paris, France and while in France, the individuals there gave us that photo before we went all the way to the top. Some other things I found was a pair of ducks tickets, a Disneyland ticket, as well as a movie ticket from back in the day. I also had a picture of when I was younger and playing in a NJB league for basketball. I also found a couple of photos with me and my younger sisters, as well as a ribbon I won from when I was in elementary school. I ended up sending my care package to my close friend, Anthony, who currently attends UCR in Riverside, CA. He told me that when he opened it, he was confused but thought some of the pictures were really funny. I did not tell him that I was gonna send it to him before hand because I wanted to see his reaction. I think an ACP is similar to sending someone a snapchat in that they are both up close and personal. If you send someone a snapchat, one can screen shot it and have it saved, just like sending it directly to them. That being said, they can also be different because if a person does not screen shot it, they will likely forget the snapchat compared to an ACP, where they can have it stored and go back to it whenever they want to. I think an ephemera is valuable over time, especially when it comes to having memories with loved ones. Often times, time goes by so fast that individuals forget some of the events that happens in one’s past so having photos to go back and remember is something that can bring a family and friends together to relive the past. At the same time, it can bring some insight into that individuals life if you didn’t really know them. For example, if you grandfather has a lot of sports memorabilia and you did not really know him, it can provide a little insight to some of his hobbies. In my opinion, there is a difference between art that is seen by many individuals compared to art that is seen by just a few. Art that is seen in a museum by many can be because they have a real talent and want a gain financially. Art that is seen by a few people have a more intimate connection because one feels like the artist went out of their way to include them, which can have more of an impact on the viewer. Although all artists have a goal of their art motivating people, I feel that’s better portrayed in a small environment. Although it takes time to send an ACP to a far destination, I do believe that the individual receiving it would appreciate it more because they know how much time it took to do it. In today’s society, everyone tries to be as efficient as possible and whatever takes them the least amount of time, they will do. That being said, even though snap chat is more efficient and entertaining, an ACP will be more memorable. Lastly, I do believe an ACP contains more memories because it took more time to do and shows the person you truly care. Anyone can send a quick snapchat but sending an ACP shows that you are important enough in that individual’s life for them to take the time out of their day.



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