Automatic Drawing Activity #4 Week 5

For this week’s automatic drawing, I got the help of my little sister, Michelle. While doing the project at first, both my sisters and I couldn’t stop laughing. My other sister, Mary, was the one taking the photos and kept putting up on snapchat, so we had a fun time with it. Once we started drawing, it was strange to see who would take control. We then noticed we  both started working together, even though we didn’t know how it would turn out. In our first drawing, we used a black colored pencil and on our second, we used a light green one. In our first drawing, it seemed to be a little more centered, compared to the second. In our second trial with the green pencil, we were more comfortable which might have lead to use using more of the paper. After looking at both our results, my sister and I were not that impressed but laughed at the drawings. At first, we wanted to draw something in particular but then she suggested to just draw randomly. All and all, it was a good experience and something that brought my sisters and I some laughs.


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