Artist conversation, Week 6 Non-Fictional story

Artist: Evelyn Luna Ramirez
Exhibition: Awesome structure
Media: Clay
Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Gatov Gallery West, 2017

While looking at this art structure by Evelyn Luna Ramirez, it reminded me of a European house. While comparing European houses to American ones, the European structures have a more iconic look to them since they were built way before the American buildings. I have had the privilege of traveling to some European countries with my family and remember being impressed by the structure of the buildings. Consequently, it was intriguing how long ago most European buildings were built and how they are still able to stay upright. While looking at this structure made by Evelyn Ramirez, it reminded me of when I went to Greece. While in Greece, we stayed in a hotel that looked similar in color, as well as having the same type of stairway style. I remember my mother and sisters getting tired of walking up the stairs after a long day of touring the city, which was pretty funny. All and all, after walking into the gallery and viewing all the different types of houses, this hit home with me because it brought back good memories I had with my family.




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