Artist Conversation #5, Week 7 with Elena Roznovan


Artist: Elena Roznovan
Exhibition: Stop and Stare 
Media: Concepts of phenomenology
Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Gatov Gallery West

About the Artist:

For this weeks artist conversation, we met Elena Roznovan. Elena stated that she was from Moldavo and came to CSULB in her undergrad to pursue her dreams. Most of the individuals there did not know where Moldavo was and so she told us it is a small country in Eastern Europe, next to Romania and the Ukraine. Most individuals would be terrified to start a whole new life and travel to an unknown place, but Elena did it because she heard the program was great and could help her fulfill her dreams in the future. Elena also said that although most of her family is still in Moldavo, she plans to stay here after she’s done with her undergrad and start her life. She stated that she came to California because she was inspired by light and space art. She also indicated that she started out as a painter and some of her inspirations in art were Larry Bell and Robert Ermin. Elena says that light is very important to her and tries to illustrate that in her work. That being said, she started her work because she was so interested in light and capturing the phenomena on film. Some hobbies she likes to do in her free time is write and spend time in nature. In the future, Elena hopes to get her work in a couple shows for the world to see and appreciate.

Formal Analysis:

While looking at Elena Roznovan’s piece, I thought it was pretty impressive. At first, I thought the piece was mesmerizing and wondered where the light was coming from. I liked how she created installations and moving video works that challenge the viewer’s perception of what is going on in the image. The moving image is a technologically mediated 2D window containing 4D content that is a representation of a 3D experience. She also re-constructed an environment that further challenges the validity of her represented experiences.

Content Analysis:

While looking at the art piece, it was amazing to see how she implemented the moving video work, including the different dimensions. Elena mentioned that she loves light and wants to incorporate that in her future pieces as well. The way I look at this piece is that there is a light in each of our lives that we take for granted. Simple things such as waking up each morning and living another day. I feel like Elena is trying to bring light into individuals lives and inspire them to take advantage of the time they have on earth.

Synthesis/My experience:

My take away from this experience is to appreciate everything we see. Simple things, such as nature, can be taken for granted because we see it everyday and don’t really pay attention to it, since it’s so common to us. We need to live in the moment and appreciate the environment we live in and the people we have in our lives, because life is short and we never know when our time is up.



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