Classmate Conversation # 4, Week 7









For this weeks classmate conversation, I met Alex LeBreton. Alex is a junior at CSULB and is a biology major. He stated he enjoys the major, even though it is incredibly difficult. After he graduates, Alex was thinking of going into the pharmaceutical rep industry. Alex also stated that he is originally from the San Francisco Bay area and came to CSULB for school. He stated that although he likes the weather in Southern California more, he misses his friends up in San Francisco. He also stated that the people there are less superficial, which I thought was pretty interesting. Some of his hobbies are hanging out with friends, hiking, traveling, working on his car, and going to the beach. He also stated that although he doesn’t have any pets now, he wants to get a vizsla puppy when he gets his own place. All and all, Alex is a cool dude with a bright future.


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