Week 8 Activity- Finger Painting


For this weeks activity, I found it to be pretty fun even though the outcome didn’t turn out too well. While doing the activity, I was with both my little sisters and remembered about the art project so we all went to get some supplies from the nearest target. I decided to let my sisters pick the colors that I would be using and they picked on a brown, green, and a lighter blue/green color. While doing the activity, my sisters were laughing nearly the entire time because they know that I don’t have one artistic bone in my body. That being said, I tried to have a good time with it to the point where I let my sister take a snapchat and send it to some of my friends, while making fun of my art piece. The activity was a little different than I expected because while doing it, I didn’t know what to make or what colors to use when. Consequently, it led me to appreciate the individuals that have a real talent in this element, while understanding how one little mistake can mess up a giant portion of the piece. This experience brought to light how difficult finger painting really is and how hard it must be to be successful at it. With that said, I had a good time with this activity and shared many laughs with my younger sisters.


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