Artist Conversation #6, Week 9- David DeSantis


Artist: David DeSantis
Exhibition: Day Dreamer 
Media: Figurative Imagery
Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Gatov Gallery West

About the Artist: David DeSantis is a senior at CSULB and is majoring in printmaking. David expressed the reason coming to Cal State Long Beach is because it is known as having one of the best art programs in the west coast, as well as loving the environment. Some of David’s hobbies are snowboarding, hanging out with friends in his free time, and listening to music such as dub-step. David also indicated that for his future goals he would love to have his work in galleries for the world to see. David said that he likes lithography but is also interested in screen-printing as well. When asked how long it takes to complete one of his pieces, he indicated it can take up to a week depending on the complexity of the piece.

Formal Analysis: While walking into the gallery, it was surprising how many complex pieces I saw from one artist. All of the pieces looked very abstract and time consuming, so it was that much more impressive that David said the longest a piece takes him to do is about a week. While some of David’s pieces are black and white, it still contains much detail and precision. While looking at David’s pieces one can tell that each painting has a hidden meaning and depicts an area in David’s life.

Context Analysis: The theme shared throughout David’s work is based on the titles, beats, rhythms, and lyrics of music. Each component is suggestive of its own particular idea and the repetition of one song or the synthesized collection of multiple tracks is what visually manifests within David’s work.

My Synthesis: In the art gallery, Day Dreamer, it illustrates on the creative state of mind and how anyone can create a story of this life through art. In David’s case, he is often listening to music, looking out a window, or drawing so all these experiences lead him to express himself through his art. Every individual is unique and has their own story to tell, but not a lot of individuals have the artistic talent that David possessed and the ability to draw out their thoughts and hobbies.



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