Artist Conversation Week#10- Amy Duran


About the Artist: Amy Duran is a senior undergraduate at CSULB. Although Amy wasn’t at the art gallery, her brother was and he expressed that Amy wanted to come to CSULB because it had a great art program and she loved the school environment. According to her brother, Amy loves ceramics and the whole art gallery was a sign of becoming of age. Some things that Amy likes to do in her free time is hang out with friends and family, make new creations, and write.

Formal Analysis: While looking at the art gallery, it instantly reminded me of a Disney movie or a show for little children. The colors were bright, which makes it inviting for the audience. While looking at the little girl’s growth, I appreciated how the background and key features, such as what she was wearing stayed the same from each next time frame.

Context Analysis: The story is based on Amy’s personal struggles of never quite feeling like she belonged. She felt anxiety over growing apart from her inner child, while at the same time wanted to feel empowered by her sexuality as a women. She also wanted to show other side to classic femininity, giving it power and replacing the connotations as symbols of weakness and vulnerability with strength and capability.

Self Analysis: This further illustrates the idea that vulnerability isn’t always a bad thing, but rather expressing that it’s okay to feel afraid as an adult. After childhood, it’s not often that we receive reassurances and not knowing the future can sometimes be terrifying. That being said, being uncertain with oneself is part of life and how one deals with obstacles can either break them or motivate them to strive to new heights.



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