Week 10 Activity: Architecture: The Wedge

For my architecture design, I decided to keep the wedge open and add another wedge, like a tunnel like feature, next to it. As currently constructed, individuals often times have to wait for others to walk through the tunnel since only one person can walk through it at a time. People can take the long way and go around the wedge, but often times people decide to wait because it’s a shorter distance walk to where they want to go. In the picture I drew out, I decided to put a tunnel to the right of the wedge so that more individuals can go, while still having the marble as the feature of the tunnel. The reason why this is better is because it will cause less traffic, while creating a cool new feature complimenting the wedge. During certain hours in the day, the wedge can be crowded since individuals are getting out of class, while others are going to class. I think that students will like the new design because it will create less traffic, while adding another interesting element to the area.


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