Artist Conversation Week 11- Yujia Gu

About the Artist: Yujia Gu is a fourth year at CSULB and is currently in her last semester. Yujia stated that she liked her whole life and knew she wanted to go to school for it. Yujia lived in China for most of her life and her family decided to move to the United States for a better life. Her family ended up going to New York and she stated that she decided to come to CSULB because it had a great art program, while having great weather. Some of her hobbies are shopping and watching movies. Yujia also stated that her inspiration for her work was her mother.

Formal Analysis: When I walked inside the gallery, the first thing that caught my eye was the map of the USA. Another thing that caught my eye was the pictures of the young individuals that passed away due to gun violence in this country. The art gallery was really well put together and clean, even though the topic at hand is a problem that needs to be accounted for in this country. I also thought it was creative to incorporate the guns and bodies in the third picture above when talking about the increasing amount of casualties in the US due to uneccessay violence.

Context Analysis: The purpose of this exhibition is to make people realize how serious gun violence is. Lots of gun violence happens in our daily lives and people may not realize it. By illustrating the young individuals that passed away, it makes individuals think of the lives that were taken away for no reason at all other than someone’s rage and lack of understanding on how their actions affects multiple individuals.

Self Analysis: While thinking about this topic, I thought about how often we hear about gun violence and then after a couple days, we tend to forget about it and move on with our lives. There is no doubt that illustrating pictures of young individuals hits home with me since we visually see the people affected by gun violence. Gun violence usually only affects us when it comes to an individuals we know passing away but other than that, we feel bad for the situation but tend to forget about it. That being said, most individuals that are criminals and want a gun, can get it through the black market. In my opinion, everyone should be allowed to conceal a weapon if they pass the background check. The real threats in our community already have guns, so why shouldn’t we, as moral citizens, be allowed to do the same to protect ourselves from harms way? Just a thought.


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