Classmate Conversation #9- Ana Cedillos and Andrew Vue. Week 11











For this weeks classmate conversations, I met Ana Cedillos and Andrew Vue. Ana is a freshman at CSULB and a biology major. She graduated from Downey high school and while in high school, played volleyball and basketball. Some of her hobbies are hanging out with her friends and family, going on hikes, playing sports, and loves going to LA. Ana also stated that her favorite place to eat in Earth. She also stated that she has had a growing appreciation of art and has loved the class so far. Andrew is a fourth year at CSULB and a psychology major. After graduating, he plans to go to graduate school and pursue a career in Industrial Organizational psychology. Andrew is from Fresno and said he came to CSULB because it had the best program for the best price. He also has two younger sisters and loves hanging out with his family. Andrew said he’s always been interested in art and loves photography and playing instruments, such as the saxophone. Andrew currently works at a boba shop and says that he loves the environment there. All and all, both Ana and Andrew were cool and laid back individuals with great futures.


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