Class Activity, Week #14. Japanese Garden

While at the Japanese Garden, I was in awe. I am a senior and CSULB and this was my first time in the Japanese Garden so I was wondering why I never came before, since I liked it so much. I liked the area so much that I found it peaceful in a way and enjoyed all the sketchings required for this project. I also enjoyed the kids that were there and they seemed like they were having a blast feeding the fish, which brought me back to my childhood. I ended up feeding the fish a little bit too and thought it was something that I would come back and do before I graduate. I ended up having a biology test the next day and because it was such a peaceful and relaxing feel, I ended up staying there to study long after I was done with my sketches. All and all, it was a great experience and glad I came to the Japanese garden once before I graduated.



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