Classmate Conversation, Week #14. Christian Infantes


For this week’s classmate conversation, I met Christian Infantes. Christian is a freshman at CSULB and a film major. Originally when I told him I majored in psychology, he asked me how the classes were because he was considering the major. I told him, he could definitely double major since film and psychology are both low when it comes to units. Christian grew up in Rodondo Beach, which is in the south bay area. He stated that he’s really close with his family, while indicting having a brother and half sister. We then starting talking about music and he illustrated that he loves all types of music, especially 80’s music. Some of his hobbies are skateboarding, listening to music, and watching movies. All and all, Christian and I had a lot in common and it was great to see how driven he was as just a freshman in college. There is no doubt he has a bright future.


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